NEW! Necklace Wolf by 877 Workshop

Necklace Wolf by 877 Workshop
Rugged shaped charm with an embossed wolf, the embossing form was hand engraved in 1905 in Pforzheim, Germany. The wolf symbolizes power, freedom and survival. Although content to function in a pack, the wolf is also driven to be free and wild.
877 WORKSHOP is a Hamburg, Germany based manufactory that bring forgotten crafts and techniques back to life with new designs. Every single item is handcrafted and made of 925 sterling silver and brass by using hand-engraved forms from 1910 as well as historical tools and machines to bring this craftsmanship back to life.
Charm 15 mm x 17 mm (L 0.6″ x H 0.67″)
Vintage patinated chain necklace 60 cm (23.6″)
Charm and chain necklace solid 925 sterling silver

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New outfit inspiration with…

-Waxed Jacket “Le Falot” by Fleurs de Bagne.
-Eclair Leather Bag by Bleu de Chauffe & Blitz Motorcycles.
-Concorde Gold Sunglasses by Randolph.
-Buffalo Bobber Gloves by Iron & Resin.
-Sten Shirt by Nudie Jeans Co.
-Nylon Frost Hammer Vest by Eat Dust.
-Underwear by Hemen Biarritz, Belt by Timeless Leather, Keyhook by Smoki`s Sumi Store, Comfysocks and Wallet by Nudie Jeans Co.
-Paulo Pavia Chino in navy by Blue de Gênes.
-Shoes in brown by Wolverine 1000 Mile.

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NEW! The waxed jacket “Discipline Sans Col” by Fleurs de Bagne with…

-Henry Shirt, Billy Denim Jacket and Checkers Socks by Nudie Jeans Co.
-Postman bag Eclair M in smog by bleu de chauffe
-Aviator Sunglasses by Randolph
-Elk Bobber Gloves by Iron & Resin
-Hatteras by Stetson Europe
-Underwear by Hemen Biarritz
-ED 55 Relaxed Tapered by EDWIN
-Wallet in black by Eat Dust Clothing
-Morley Boots by Wolverine Heritage Collection

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