The vest “Sans Manche Réversible” by Fleurs de Bagne in combination with…

-Le Blouson Sans Manche Réversible by Fleurs de Bagne.
-Denim Jacket “Billy” in Worn Clean Denim by Nudie Jeans.
-Postman bag Eclair M in smogand Purse Talbin in Expresso by Bleu de Chauffe.
-Paulo Pavia 1 Chino in Walnut Grey by Blue de Gênes.
-Hatteras Woolrich Herringbone by Stetson.
-Men’s 1000 Mile Boot in grey suede.
-Comfysocks, Boxer Albar by Hemen Biarritz and Standard Belt by Timeless Leather.

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The new 736 Bull Denim Vest by Eat Dust in combination with…

-Le Bonnet in Blue by Fleurs de Bagne.
-Eat Dust FIT 736 Bull Denim Vest and Eat Dust Wallet.
-Rio Shirt and Piston Flag Bandana by Iron & Resin.
-Indiana Mystery blue by Comfy Socks.
-ED 55 Relaxed Tapered by Edwin.
-Shoes Morley (2 years of wear) by Wolverine the 1000 mile collection.
-Solid Brass Keyhook and Solid Brass Anchor by Smoky Sumi’s Store.

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Happy new year! Hello 2018!

Für das tolle Jahr 2017 möchten wir uns an dieser Stelle bei allen Kunden, Freunde und Geschäftspartner bedanken.
Falls es um Peter Fields in den nächsten Wochen etwas ruhiger wird, wir haben da ein kleines neues Projekt…

For the great year 2017 we would like to say thank you to all our customers, friends and business partners.
If it will be a bit quiet at Peter Fields in the next weeks, we have a littel new project…

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New week! New inspiration, with…

-6-Panel Cap in black, Gloves Goat Nappa/ Woolrich and Whiskey by Stetson.
-San Miguel Blanket by Pendleton.
-Business bag Report in dark khaki by Bleu de Chauffe.
-Bay Meadows Cardigan by Levi’s Vintage.
-Bacco Supercar Shirt by Blue de Gênes.
-Worker Vest by bakuto893.
-Regular Anton Pant in black striped, Olsson Stripe Socks Lion and Alfredsson Chain Wallet Natural (worn in for one year) by Nudie Jeans Co.
-Underwear Boxer Albar by Hemen Biarritz.
-Morley Boots (worn) by Wolverine 1000 Mile.
-Solid Brass Fishhook and Anchor in matte black plated by Smoky Sumi`s Store.

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Get inspired! Today with…

-Hatteras Herringbone
-Lenton Jacket – Shetland in olive by Universal Works.
-Grosseto Rollneck in black, Repi Jeans in black and Casella Harris Tweed Gilet by Blue de Gênes.
-Postman Bag Éclair S in smog by Bleu de Chauffe.
-Men’s 1000 Mile Boot in grey suede.
-Boxer Albar in grey arthe von Hemen Biarritz.
-Keyholder Cooler King in black by Flying Zacchinis.
-Standard Belt by Timeless Leather.
-Gloves Deer Nappa by Stetson.

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