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A sherpa lined vest…

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A sherpa lined vest…

A sherpa lined vest made of japanese broken twill denim... Perfect for every season, no matter what your plans are!

1. BT 367-s fit broken twill vest by Eat Dust
2. Rockland shirt in military by Iron and Resin
3. Buffalo bobber gloves by Iron and Resin
4. Henley harry in heather grey by Hemen
5. Shoes morley by Wolverine
6. Hogan black socks by Chup Socks
7. Woody backpack in dark khaki by Bleu de Chauffe
8. ED 55 relaxed tapered unwashed jeans by Edwin
9. American west blanket by Pendleton
10. Lantern by Feuerhand
11. Vintage enamel mug by Puebco
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