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Even McQueen…

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Even McQueen…

Even McQueen had his St. Chistopher with him on any sunday as a good luck charm, which it still is today... Necklace St. Christopher by 877 Worksho

Sand casted sterling silver charm with an embossed St. Christopher, which is widely known as the Patron Saint of Travellers. Enameled Saint Christopher medals were worn in the 60's and 70's by surfers and adventurers as a good luck charm and also Steve McQueen had his St. Christopher with him on any sunday.

877 WORKSHOP is a Hamburg, Germany based manufactory that bring forgotten crafts and techniques back to life with new designs. Every single item is handcrafted and made of 925 sterling silver and brass by using hand-engraved forms from 1910 as well as historical tools and machines to bring this craftsmanship back to life.

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