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If you are not sure what to take…

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If you are not sure what to take…

If you are not sure what to take with you for your weekend trip… just put a few basics in your backpack and let’s go outside!!!

1. Coursier backpack waxy in khaki/black by Bleu de Chauffe
2. Rockland Shirt in oxblood by Iron and Resin
3. ED 55 Relaxed Tapered Jeans by Edwin
4. Le Bonnet in red by Fleurs de Bagne
5. Jansson bandana in falun red by Nudie Jeans
6. Leather Shoes in brown by Wolverine 1000 Mile
7. Nordic Socks by Comfysocks

Home Goods:
1. Mountain Majesty Blanket by Pendleton
2. Vintage Enamel Mug by Puebco

1. London Pocket Knife by Passion France
2. Maratac AAA Flashlight