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Peter Fields Store in Berlin…

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Peter Fields Store in Berlin…

Peter Fields Store in Berlin - Clothes, Shoes, Home Goods, Accessories… These and many other items you can find in our store or online.

1. Undyed Wool Throw Col. 1305 by John Hanly & Co. Ltd.
2. Canvas vintage Potcover, Vintage Enamel Mug and Shoe Box by Puebco
3. Craftsman Defender Socks in khaki by Chup Socks
4. Shoes in brown by Wolverine 1000 Mile and Shoe Trees by Schlesinger.
5. Lantern in white by Feuerhand
6. Northport Hat in navy by Stetson
7. Tool Roll by Iron & Resin
8. Board Shirt by Pendleton and Jeans by Edwin
9. Musette Gaston Bag in dark khaki by Bleu de Chauffe

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